We pride ourselves in providing only the best quality beef. Some of our beef comes from our own farm and is grass fed until it reaches 900 lbs and the rest is purchased locally. At that point the animal is moved into our feed lot and only fed corn, oats, soybeans, and molasses (in order to give the beef better marbling, flavor, and tenderness). We process a lot of our cattle on location

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Steaks, Roasts, and Other Beef Cuts
Please stop into our store to choose from our wide variety of freshly cut steaks, roasts, and other beef cuts.
Steaks Delmonico Steaks steak

Grass-Fed Beef

We provide a variety of different cuts of grass-fed beef ranging from ground beef to ribeye steaks to chuck roasts. These are packaged, frozen, and available in our store.

(Prices are subject to change at any time.)